Creative Technology at London Metropolitan University

Games Programming

Course Leader:  Fiona French (

Apply for BSc Computer Games Programming:—bsc-hons/


Year 1 – Level 4

  • Game Design & Development (core)
    Concepts and prototype physical games, game development with Unity Engine
  • Game Programming (core)
    Introduction to C++, creating console text games and simple 2D games
  • Logic and Mathematical Techniques (core)
  • Computer Hardware and Software Architecture (core)
    Introduction to Assembly and C, creating a 2D Gameboy clone

Year 2 – Level 5

  • Advanced C++ Programming (core)
  • Augmented Toy Development (core)
    Working with embedded technology and/or VR to create prototype smart toys and virtual experiences; using 3D printing techniques
  • Game Engine Development (core)
    Teamwork with GAME students, who create assets for a 3D game.  Programmed using industry standard tools, eg. C++/DirectX
  • Graphics and Shader Programming (core)
    Advanced C++/OpenGL, focus on visual effects and physics

Year 3 – Level 6

  • Project (core)
    Research and development – recent games programming applications include AI demos, iOS published games, water shaders, cross platform optimisation
  • Work Related or Research Related Learning (core)
    Client-facing, using existing skills or supporting research project; preparation for employment
  • Networking for Games (core)
    Advanced C++ for multiplayer
  • Prototype Development (core)
    Teamwork with GAME students to produce a large 3D game using Unreal Engine
  • Artificial Intelligence (core)
    Introduction to AI, programming graphical demos in Unity Engine
  • Artificial Intelligence for Games (core)
    Advanced AI techiques implemented in Unity Engine

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