Creative Technology at London Metropolitan University


Our graduates have taken positions as programmers, artists, animators, designers, game testers and consultants at a variety of companies, including Rocksteady, Rare, Sega, Sky, Lionheart, GSM Games, Firesprite, BBC, ITV, Media Molecule (Sony), Sports Interactive, Framestore, The Mill, MPC, NFTS, Vodafone.  Some have started their own games studios.


  • Dimitri Xitas (2017) Graduate Programmer at Firesprite 2017 –
  • Zion Siton (2015) C++ Programmer at ICAP 2016; Game Developer at Shedworks Digital 2015; Client Engineer at GSN Games 2017 –
  • Tyanah Graham (2015)  IT Teacher at St Gregory’s Kenton 2015-17; IT Consultant 2017 –
  • Cosmin Stanescu (2015) Associate Software Engineer at FinancialForce
  • George Anderson (2015) IT Specialist at Billericay IT Solutions
  • Andrew Braid (2015) Developer at Geeks Ltd 2015-2017
  • Runi Brockie (2015) Developer at Strata
  • Max Morris (2013): MSc Computer Games at Goldsmiths, Shared Tech / Platform Programmer at Sports Interactive 2015 –
  • Fernando Cabello (2012):  programmer and project manager at Gamelab London, programming tutor at NHTV Holland 2015 –
  • Jamie Hamilton (2012): Senior Developer at Open Bet 2011 –
  • Amish Patel (2009): Gamelab intern, Dare-to-be-Digital 2008, iOS Developer at Digital Annexe
  • Shane Phelan (2009): Dare-to-be-Digital 2008; Software Developer at BBC Future Media and Technology ,  Software Developer at ITV
  • Luke Harrison (2009): Gamelab intern, freelance developer and teacher; Digital Designer/Developer at AOL
  • Donatas Cereska (2008): Head Programmer at Inc Media Group; development work for WoW; lead programmer for Football Superstars; Javascript developer at Venda; software engineer at Sky
  • Franklim de Sousa (2007): Gamelab intern 2006; Flash developer at Ymogen 2007; programmer at Kuju NikNak; UI Programmer at Rare

Examples – GAME DESIGN

  • Costa Jupp (2007): QA work with Kuju 2007; Games Tester at Sony Media Molecule working on Little Big Planet; currently Assistant Producer at Media Molecule 
  • Ross Darvill (2007): Dare-to-be-Digital 2007; Games Consultant at Creative Personnel; tester at Codemasters; Masters degree at Brunel, Combat Designer at Lionhead Studios and currently Game Designer at Lionhead
  • Lewis Stockton (2013): Junior Designer for Bohemia Interactive, based in Prague


  • Sophie Shaw (2007): Gamelab intern 2005/6; MA Animation at University of Bournemouth; currently 3D artist at Red Star Studio 
  • Yulong Lui (2007): currently compositor at Base FX, Beijing, China
  • James Mulholland (2007): 3D Artist, The Mill
  • Martin Sardar (2008): Lead Creative at Enteraction Ltd
  • Sean Sears (2008): ex Triffic Films/Baby Cow now Animator for Framestore
  • Kirti Dave (2009): 3D Artist, The Mill
  • Henry Pentecost (2010): 3D environment and concept artist, currently illustrator at Cygames in Japan
  • Tristan Lawler (2010): worked at MPC now Technical Animator at Rocksteady Studios
  • Ashley McKenzie (2011) : Functionality Tester at SEGA 2012, currently Trainee Lighting Artist at Rocksteady Studios Ltd
  • John Wong (2012): 3D Artist at Gamelab London 2012; currently Trainee Asset Artist at Rocksteady Studios Ltd
  • Rabeya Pushpo (2012): now at Pison Studio
  • James Dower (2012): Junior FX Technical Director (TD) at MPC
  • Klara Merczel (2012): worked at Passion Pictures now Colorist at MP Stills
  • Simas Senavaitis (2014): 3D Visualisations at UAB EKSPOZICIJU CENTRAS, Lithuania



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