Creative Technology at London Metropolitan University


Our graduates have taken positions as programmers, artists, animators, designers and game testers at a variety of companies, including Rocksteady, Rare, Sega, Sky, Lionheart, BBC, ITV, Media Molecule (Sony), Sports Interactive, Framestore, The Mill, MPC. Some have started their own small games studios.


  • Franklim de Sousa (2007): Gamelab intern 2006; Flash developer at Ymogen 2007; programmer at Kuju NikNak; currently Senior UI Programmer at Rare
  • Donatas Cereska (2008): Head Programmer at Inc Media Group; development work for WoW; lead programmer for Football Superstars; Javascript developer at Venda; currently software engineer at Sky
  • Luke Harrison (2009): Gamelab intern, freelance developer and teacher; currently Digital Designer/Developer at AOL
  • Shane Phelan (2009): Dare-to-be-Digital 2008; Software Developer at BBC Future Media and Technology  , currently Software Developer at ITV
  • Amish Patel (2009): Gamelab intern, Dare-to-be-Digital 2008, currently iOS Developer at Digital Annexe
  • Fernando Cabello (2012):  programmer and project manager at Gamelab London, currently programming tutor at NHTV Holland
  • Jamie Hamilton (2012): Senior Developer at Open Bet; also Director of indie games start-up TNE Media (2014)
  • Max Morris (2013): MSc Computer Games at Goldsmiths, tools and Junior Tools/Platform Programmer at Sports Interactive (2015)

Examples – GAME DESIGN

  • Costa Jupp (2007): QA work with Kuju 2007; Games Tester at Sony Media Molecule working on Little Big Planet; currently Assistant Producer at Media Molecule 
  • Ross Darvill (2007): Dare-to-be-Digital 2007; Games Consultant at Creative Personnel; tester at Codemasters; Masters degree at Brunel, Combat Designer at Lionhead Studios and currently Game Designer at Lionhead
  • Lewis Stockton (2013): Junior Designer for Bohemia Interactive, based in Prague


  • Sophie Shaw (2007): Gamelab intern 2005/6; MA Animation at University of Bournemouth; currently 3D artist at Red Star Studio 
  • Yulong Lui (2007): currently compositor at Base FX, Beijing, China
  • James Mulholland (2007): 3D Artist, The Mill
  • Martin Sardar (2008): Lead Creative at Enteraction Ltd
  • Sean Sears (2008): ex Triffic Films/Baby Cow now Animator for Framestore
  • Kirti Dave (2009): 3D Artist, The Mill
  • Henry Pentecost (2010): 3D environment and concept artist, currently illustrator at Cygames in Japan
  • Tristan Lawler (2010): worked at MPC now Technical Animator at Rocksteady Studios
  • Ashley McKenzie (2011) : Functionality Tester at SEGA 2012, currently Trainee Lighting Artist at Rocksteady Studios Ltd
  • John Wong (2012): 3D Artist at Gamelab London 2012; currently Trainee Asset Artist at Rocksteady Studios Ltd
  • Rabeya Pushpo (2012): now at Pison Studio
  • James Dower (2012): Junior FX Technical Director (TD) at MPC
  • Klara Merczel (2012): worked at Passion Pictures now Colorist at MP Stills
  • Simas Senavaitis (2014): 3D Visualisations at UAB EKSPOZICIJU CENTRAS, Lithuania