Creative Technology at London Metropolitan University

Course Team

Fiona French
Course Leader BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming
Research interests:

  • Physical computing and toy development
  • Game design
  • Animal Computer Interaction
  • Mobile, location-based, pervasive games
  • Interactive fiction and narrative models


Nigel Medhurst
Course Leader BSc (Hons) Games Modelling, Animation and Effects
Research interests:

  • online learning, multi-literacies, pedagogy
  • human computer interaction
  • visual design methodologies
  • collaborative computer-based learning environments


Elaine Thomazi Freitas
Course Leader BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology
Research interests:

  • interactive arts, live performance and installations
  • music composition, computer music, computer assisted composition
  • video art, media arts, sound design
  • cultural diversity, contemporary arts, experimentalism


Manfredo Meraviglia
Research Interests:

  • Computer generated music
  • Games programming



karstenKarsten Vermeulen
Professional games programmer and tutor






Giles Askham
Research Interests:

  • Physical computing / tangible media.
  • Materialist philosophical perspectives on art and technology assemblages.
  • Collaborative practice in art production.
  • Exploring play as an enabler of art projects and a possible route to a methodology for studying human/computer feedback mechanisms and systems



Romas Mikusauskas
Yong Xue
Igor Schagaev
Maureen Kendal
David Booth
Peter Petit
Steven Breen
Fernando Cabello
Steve Cassar


Martin Wright is Executive Producer of Gamelab UK, interested in  the application of linear and interactive media to learning with a particular emphasis on special educational needs.
Alex Whittaker is CTO at WE R Interactive Ltd
Christian Jelen is a Freelance VFX Supervisor currently Senior 3D Animator at Saddington Baynes.
Will Sykes is CEO at Will Sykes Games, with many years experience as a professional games programmer.


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