Creative Technology at London Metropolitan University

Course Team

Fiona French
Course Leader BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming
Research interests:

  • Physical computing and toy development
  • Game design
  • Animal Computer Interaction
  • Mobile, location-based, pervasive games
  • Interactive fiction and narrative models


Manfredo Meraviglia
Course Leader BSc (Hons) Games Modelling, Animation and Effects
Research interests:

  • Computer generated music
  • Games programming



Elaine Thomazi Freitas
Course Leader BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology
Research interests:

  • interactive arts, live performance and installations
  • music composition, computer music, computer assisted composition
  • video art, media arts, sound design
  • cultural diversity, contemporary arts, experimentalism


Stephen-Good-1-900x522Stephen Good
Senior lecturer in Music Technology
Producer, engineer and musician





Giles AskhamGiles_Askham-1-899x524
Course leader MA Digital Media
Research Interests:

  • Physical computing / tangible media.
  • Materialist philosophical perspectives on art and technology assemblages.
  • Collaborative practice in art production.
  • Exploring play as an enabler of art projects and a possible route to a methodology for studying human/computer feedback mechanisms and systems



Karsten Vermeulen
Professional games programmer and tutor






Zion Siton Zion Siton
Professional games programmer GSN Games






Nigel Medhurst (3D)
Romas Mikusauskas (3D)
Yong Xue (C++)
Igor Schagaev (AI)
Andrew Crystal (Game Design)
Maureen Kendal (Audio)
David Booth (AI)
Peter Petit (Embedded Tech)
Steven Breen (Web Development)
Fernando Cabello (C++)
Steve Cassar (3D)


Martin Wright is Executive Producer of Gamelab UK, interested in  the application of linear and interactive media to learning with a particular emphasis on special educational needs.
Alex Whittaker is CTO at WE R Interactive Ltd
Christian Jelen is a Freelance VFX Supervisor currently Senior 3D Animator at Saddington Baynes.
Will Sykes is CEO at Will Sykes Games, with many years experience as a professional games programmer.


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